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JMP Action Sports Co. Ltd, Which is a sports agent, majors in sports industry. By its advantage of unimpeded communication with sports market from home and abroad, we have successfully operated a wide range of sports events, and built up many business relationship with partners from Europe and South America.

Our main service contents are: organizing and promoting sports events, developing and opening up sports talent, organizing all kinds of sports training, etc. such as, making highlighted games into CD-ROM for individual players; player transferring; media planning; commercial packaging; team training; topic researching and so on. In recent years, we have continually conveyed large number of excellent players from home and abroad to several CSL and first grade football clubs in China, and gained good social and economic benefits.

Our website:www.jmpact.com, professionalizes in information in domestic and foreign football market. Meanwhile we will work with the clubs world wild   so as to make brokers and professional team coaches know our players’ detailed information and competitions timely and clearly, and to build up a platform for international teams to select our players.


        公司主要经营:组织和推广体育赛事、开发和代理体育人才、组织各类体育培训,如球员个人比赛集锦的光盘制作、球员转会、媒体策划、赛事商业包装、球队集 训、专题研修等。我公司连续几年为中国各中超、中甲足球俱乐部输送大量优秀的外籍球员,取得了很好的社会效益和经济效益。

        我公司网站www.jmpact.com (JMP Action)是一个面向国内外足球市场的专业信息网站,与世界各国足球俱乐部联合,尽最大努力为世界各足球俱乐部输送中国球员的同时, 为中国中超、中甲足球俱乐部提供优秀国外球员。我们的网站将与世界多国的俱乐部网站联网,从而使世界各国经纪人、球队教练等专业人士及时、详细、清楚地了 解到我公司代理球员的个人资料及比赛情况,为国际球队挑选我国球员提供平台,最大努力的为世界足球俱乐部输送中国球员。